Oct 19, 2010

Design Inspiration from Lonny Magazine

One of my favorite blogs,  Coco and Kelley just introduced me to a new inspiring design magazine called Lonny.  

It's just celebrating it's first birthday this fall, and I hope it's around for many more.  Not only does Lonny feature some of the most creative (but totally livable) design I've seen since we lost Domino, but the current issue features one of my favorite designers, Celery Kemble, on the cover.  (with whom I got the chance to chat last week at Fall Market - will post more about her recent renovation of the D&D's 4th floor soon!)   

I spent a good part of this afternoon pouring over this site...  here are a few of my favorite pics, but check out LonnyMag.com for more inspiration.  But I warn you -  get yourself a comfy seat, a big mug of tea (or glass of wine?), and prepare to lose track of time...

Lonny Mag, Oct/Nov 2010, interior design by Lulu De Kwaitkowski

Lonny Mag Oct/Nov 2010, interior design by Eddie Ross & Jaithan Kochar
Lonny Mag, Feb/March 2010, interior design by Ryan Korban
Lonny Mag, Oct/Nov 2010, interior design by Palmer Weiss

Lonny Mag, Feb/March 2010, interior design by Betsy Burnham

Ahhh... don't you these rooms give you a million ideas?

Oct 13, 2010

A few years ago my husband gave me a digital camera while we were on vacation.  I have never been the paparazzi of my group of girlfriends, always leaving the memory-capturing to others.  But the minute this little silver camera fell into my hands, I instantly felt artistic - - -  Who knew I was such a phenomenal photographer??  Look, I can do black and white!  The no-fail camera made me feel like a genius, and I dedicated myself to documenting every single stunning spot we encountered on that trip.

Then we came home and I have never, not once, taken another scenic photograph.  Unless you count a client's living room or an under-construction site (of which I have many, many photos).

But lately I've been really drawn to the large-scale, oversized photography that keeps cropping up as prominent artwork in magazine spreads.  I love those giant, blown-up, sortof fuzzy shots and they're inspiring me to break out some of my pics from that trip...  

                                                                                Source Unknown
Interior Design by Timothy Whealon,  Veranda Oct '10
Interior Design by Timothy Whealon, Veranda Oct '10
My own photos, Jekyl Island, GA