Oct 13, 2010

A few years ago my husband gave me a digital camera while we were on vacation.  I have never been the paparazzi of my group of girlfriends, always leaving the memory-capturing to others.  But the minute this little silver camera fell into my hands, I instantly felt artistic - - -  Who knew I was such a phenomenal photographer??  Look, I can do black and white!  The no-fail camera made me feel like a genius, and I dedicated myself to documenting every single stunning spot we encountered on that trip.

Then we came home and I have never, not once, taken another scenic photograph.  Unless you count a client's living room or an under-construction site (of which I have many, many photos).

But lately I've been really drawn to the large-scale, oversized photography that keeps cropping up as prominent artwork in magazine spreads.  I love those giant, blown-up, sortof fuzzy shots and they're inspiring me to break out some of my pics from that trip...  

                                                                                Source Unknown
Interior Design by Timothy Whealon,  Veranda Oct '10
Interior Design by Timothy Whealon, Veranda Oct '10
My own photos, Jekyl Island, GA

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