Nov 16, 2010

Designing a Red Bedroom

A good friend is painting her master bedroom a deep red and asked me for some bedding ideas.  She knows that basic white will work, but is worried that it might look too plain.  Since she's expecting a baby this winter, I highly recommend that she stick with basic white bedding  - the easiest to throw in the wash and even oxy-clean if necessary.  But white doesn't have to be boring!

White bedding is like a little black dress- you can dress it up a million different ways with various accessories.   These beds all start with white sheets and a plain white coverlet or duvet cover - their character all comes from the "add ons."  They're anything but dull, and I think any one of them would look fabulous in a red bedroom...

Photo:  House Beautiful, July '08   Design:  Andrew Halliday & David Greer
 A faux fur throw and lush velvet bolsters in deep charcoal make up a sumptuous, sophisticated bed.

Photo:  House Beautiful, July '09    Design:  Jonathan Berger
LOVE THIS HEADBOARD.  But even without such a statement piece, a vintage suzani used as a bed scarf or coverlet is enough pattern to carry an entire room. 

Photo:  Lonny Magazine, Aug/Sept '10    Design:  Vincente Wolf
Your white sheets don't have to be plain - A nice border detail gives them a crisp, tidy look.  In a red room, I like tan, navy, or charcoal borders.  Bloomingdales Chelsea Sheets with a little red polka-dot border are fun too!
Photo:  House Beautiful, Nov '08   Design:  Peter Dunham
 Bring in more red!  Katie Ridder makes some fabulous prints like this paisley - you can mix them up to make accent pillows, a coverlet, and window treatments.

Photo:  Lonny Magazine, July '10     Design:  Lee Kleinheker
I love this photo because is shows just how gorgeous plain white bedding can be with a glam headboard.  If you're going for simple, go for height - you'll get a lot of drama if you make the headboard as tall as you are.

Hope this inspires you to dress up your bed!

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