Jan 22, 2011

Chic Workspaces

Whether you already work from home, you're trying to get started on that novel you've always meant to write, or you just need a spot for sorting bills and keeping your paperwork in order, it's so critical to dedicate some space to a home office.  I just wrote an article about this for the River Journal, and have consequently got desks and office accessories on the brain...

Our home offices should be a reflection of our personal style, not just a reflection of what we do for a living.  (Because does anyone really want a space that screams "accountant"?)  They should surround us with inspiration while keeping all the paperclips and post-its we need within reach.

My next couple of posts will be of some super-stylized workspaces that I'd love to work out of and the pieces I would use to create them in my own home.  Hope they inspire you to spruce up your own desk!

Workspace Style #1:  Ladylike & Elegant

Interior Design by Angele Parlange, photo in Lonny Magazine  Dec. 2010

Give your desk a decidedly feminine feel with the Brocade Bulletin Board and Pencil Cup from The Container Store.

Since we're all tracking appointments on iPhones & Blackberries these days, there's not much need for a big calendar anymore.  This tiny desktop one from Lobird lets you know what day it is, and it's just so darn charming.

I love this mousepad from Anthropologie - it brings a little whimsy to your work.  And is hopefully the only mouse you'll encounter there.

Keep paperclips in pretty glass jars like this one from Anthropologie.

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