Feb 27, 2011

Small Steps to Getting Organized

For my latest River Journal article, I had the pleasure of interviewing my favorite professional organizer, Pernille Nils Ebbesen of Collage, and she shared a great tip for getting your house in order - Start Small.  Nils Ebbesen stresses the importance of picking a relatively small area to tackle first.  You'll be more likely to start the project (and more likely to finish it!) if it's a manageable project like creating a system for your mail pile or re-organizing your clothes closet as opposed to, say, cleaning out the entire basement.

With that in mind, here are a few photos that have inspired me to get my small spaces in order now...  I'll leave the big spring clean for another week.

Command Central:  I think this would be a great way to sort mail - tuck a shredder into one of these cubbies, a basket for recyclable ads/mags, and use these see-thru baskets to sort your bills, periodicals, and outgoing mail.  I'd replace the chalkboard with a big bulletin board and calendar - write down and pin up invitations and events as soon as they come in.

 Photo: House Beautiful , Closet Design by Erinn Valencich

Photos:  Originally shot for Domino Magazine

Photo:  Annie Selke's closet as seen in House Beautiful 

Ahhhh...  the dream closet.  Some of the best tips I've received for organizing your closet are to:
1)  Use identical hangers - Keeps everything looking neat, even when it's not.
2)  Use  shelf dividers  to store your handbags upright and keep them from falling over when you pull one down.
3)  Use shadow box picture frames to store your prettiest necklaces and earrings - hang these shadow boxes on your closet or bedroom wall to free up space on your dresser & enjoy your jewelry even when you're not wearing it. 

For more organizing inspiration, including more tips from the fabulous Nils Ebbesen, please check out my Around the House article.  Happy Organizing!!  

Feb 5, 2011

Chic Workspaces - Part III

For the final installment of the Chic Workspaces series, I'm moving in a more masculine direction.  I love all the sleek, glossy lines of this desk and chair.  The mirror  placement is a great idea for those of us with our desks shoved against a wall (me me me!), because the only thing worse than sitting down to tackle emails is to do it facing a dark corner.   All these reflective surfaces might be overwhelming without the textured grasscloth wallcovering - it absorbs light and softens the overall look.  But it's the mix of vintage and contemporary furnishings that really give this workspace its sophistication.  A great manspace  - if the man is a tidy man and doesn't have much paperwork.

Interior Design by Ron Marvin as shown in Lonny Magazine Oct/Nov 2009

A few pieces I'd use to create this effect at home....

Clockwise from Top Left:  Burl Frame Mirror from Pacific Connections, Table Lamp from Arteriors Home, Sprinkbok Trophy from Jayson Home & Garden, Vintage Classic Saarinen Executive Chair from Las Venus at 1stDibs.com, Vintage Oushak rug from Jayson Home & Garden, Wastebasket from Matahari Home, Mason Desk from William Sonoma Home.