Feb 25, 2013

Design Trends 2013

As follow up to my recent River Journal column, here are a few hot-right-now home trends I'm wishing I had in my own home...

1.  Gray!  I started recommending this as a wall color about 3 years ago, and it's still going strong.  It's so elegant against crisp white trim and makes a dreamy backdrop to so many color palettes.   These days, I'm loving it on case goods (especially with brass hardware!).  Ballard offers a couple of gorgeous gray finishes, as seen in their Paulette Single Server and Louis XVI Double Dresser.

2.  Wallpaper!  Five years ago, you only saw wallpaper in the chicest of homes, but these days it's turning up everywhere.  Give me graphics, florals, or anything metallic -  Pile on the patterns, please!

              I love how this paper is inset in panels!

3)  Oushak Rugs!  We've been inundated with sisals for the past few years, so I'm craving a return to something elegant on my floors.  This Oushak rug  incorporates all my favorite of-the-moment colors -   peacock, pine green, and terra cotta - against a warm, creamy background.  Wouldn't it look gorgeous in my gray room?

4)  Taxidermy and Antler Madness!  I know, I know, it seems really bizarre, but I dare you to flip through any high end design magazine and not see a deer or antelope head or some other poor creature stuffed and mounted somewhere.  Antlers are displayed on bookshelves, cow hides are layered over sisal, and fur blankets have replaced suzanis across the foot of every stylish bed.

Apparently, my home is going to be super-hip, because my husband just emailed me a picture of his latest addition to our decor - one of these is waiting for me when I return from my trip.

I'll be sure to post a picture of where he ends up...