Apr 22, 2013

Front Door Inspiration

I'm so excited to makeover my front door this summer!  As soon as the weather is warm enough, I plan to paint it, install a new lantern, some potted plants, a flag - the works.  Since we had a little sunshine today, Lulu and I hit the streets to collect a few front door ideas.

Turns out all the inspiration I need is right around the corner - my beloved new little town clearly believes in putting it's best face forward.  The village is brimming with colorful doorways all dressed up and ready to welcome guests.  Check out these charmers -

 So many colors to pick from, and yet I'm always drawn to a classic black....

Lots to think on - which is your favorite?  And how picture perfect is my little town??


Willene Fagen said...

Your town really invested in having wonderful doors? That sounds wonderful! A front door can make or break the overall appeal of your house. I must say that all those doors captured my attention! By the way, where's the picture of your door, Kitty?

-Roofing and More Inc.

Francisco Close said...

It must feel really good to pass through a village full of wonderful front doors! You can't help but take a glimpse and be inspired by them. With all these door inspirations, I'm sure that you were able to come up with a unique and standout front door design of your own.

-Katch Mark

Katie said...

You have good eyes on door styles! How you'll come up with a unique one depends on the extent of your imagination. Anyway, with these inspiration, I hope you are able to design a door that truly has your touch of creativity. :)

-Katie Nicoll @ ClarkAdams

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