Mar 17, 2014

Hanging Artwork

I just published two River Journal articles extolling the value of artwork in the home, but when it came time to do the accompanying photo shoots, I realized I had virtually NOTHING to work with.  Despite having been here for almost 2 years, most of my walls are still totally bare!

I spent a crazed weekend up in the attic dragging out everything we've intended to hang up and "organizing" it all on the dining room table.  My husband, of course, wanted to start hanging things up immediately - silly man!  I patiently explained that you have to strategically P-L-A-N what will look best grouped with what, which pieces will play nicely off various upholstery, what ought to be re-framed, and all of my other crazy OCDesigner strategies for hanging our artwork.

As a result, we've been eating off the kitchen counter and haven't actually seen the dining table for two weeks...  Alas, it was clearly a lot quicker to write about hanging artwork, than to actually do it. (Especially with a 20 month old eager to help hold the hammer.)

Now I just have to narrow down all these ideas for displaying our stuff.  Here are a few of the things I want to be sure to incorporate in our house - 

Mixing it up with Plates & Platters  - I used to think hanging plates on your walls was a bit granny-ish, but lately I keep finding myself drawn to arrangements that incorporate pretty plates, platters, and other stuff I used to think was best left on the table.

Photography by Charles Walton IV, from Southern Living

 from Country Living

from Country Living

Hanging Artwork on Bookcases - I love the classic old-library feel you get from hanging artwork and mirrors on bookcases.  The only trouble is that I'm always re-reading and grabbing books off the shelf to reference, so this look might not be particularly practical for me...

from House Beautiful

 from Better Homes & Gardens

A Gallery Wall - This is the interior design version of a fashionista mixing high & low, having an outfit "that goes" instead of one that matches.  Not for the timid, this look takes a good eye to really master, but I'm dead set on trying to create one of these walls on my own.  I love the look of mixing frames, prints and paintings, and having a wall that isn't totally symmetrical, but that still feels balanced.

 from Country Living

from House Beautiful

from Country Living

 from Traditional Home

So much to do!  Thank goodness I have a small house : ) 

*P.S.  I pulled several of the images in this post from Kristin Panitch Interiors - She has a super-inspiring, gorgeous portfolio.  Thanks to Kelly Robson at High Street Market for turning me on to her!