Jan 24, 2015

Bold Choices in the New Year

I never really make New Year's resolutions, but in the course of writing my recent column, I realized I unknowingly had made one this year - to finally make some bold design choices in my home.

When I was working, I never had trouble getting clients to commit to a design scheme, but I seem to have a TON of trouble committing to one myself.  I am a terrible client.  Constantly seeing new color palettes, products, and fabric launches means I'm forever changing my mind about which direction to take in this house.  It seems like the minute I finalize a fabric (and figure out how I'm going to afford it), something new pops up and I question my decision.

And of course, I'm super budget conscious these days having taken a few years off to stay home with my daughter.  As a result, I seem to keep going with whatever matches what I already have and choosing things that seem practical, whether I actually love them or not.  And as a result of all that indecision and playing it safe, I have a bunch of stuff that's "ok" and not much that I really love.

So this year I am resolving to be bolder in the choices I make for my own home - to not always take the safe route, or spend months agonizing over a decision, but to just go for the look I really want, and not be held back by choices I've already made.   Because, after all, it's the bold choices that make a room really special, memorable, and personal. Those are the choices that make clients fall in love with a design scheme, and it's what separates a catalog from a House Beautiful spread.  

Whether it's using a favorite pattern as a runner on the stairs (as Erin Gates did with her beloved leopard print below), indulging in my "pink phase" a la India Hicks, or getting up the courage to paint my office a dark and moody color, I need to remember that - as these photos attest - the bold choice is often the best.

I'm so in love with pink lately & thinking of bringing some into our Living Room, like in India Hicks' Living Room

vibrant patterns and colors everywhere - love this, found on pinterest, unsure of origin

               the red, the green, the zebra sofa....and it WORKS.  from Elle Decor

     lots of color + very little pattern = dramatic, yet restful, from LonnyMag

fiery coffee table in House Beautiful - I'm really obsessed with this carpet, too

hot pink drapery by Schuyler Samperton

glam black walk-in closet as seen in Elle Decor

no ho-hum white built-ins in this space, by Erin Gates Design

gorgeous leopard stair runner, by Erin Gates Design

black and white all over, found on domainhome.com

hot pink love - found in Domino, design by Milly de Cabrol

Are there any bold decorating decisions you've put off for fear you'll regret them later?  Or bold choices you've made that you're now so glad you did?  I'd love to hear about them!

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