Jan 28, 2015

Monogrammed Accessories from GiGi NY

The last time I was in St. Simon's Island - home to some of my all-time favorite shops - I fell in love with a monogrammed, bright blue leather iPhone case.  I adore a monogram and have written about my obsession before, but this iPhone case really took the cake.

If the monogram and python print aren't enough for you.... 

it comes in PINK. 
or white.  or navy.  all of which are really gorgeous with gold accents.

Flashback to St. Simon's - it was my last day in town, I was in rush, and I knew I should not spend money on something I didn't really need.  So of course, I didn't get it.

Then while blogging around, I discovered that my beloved iPhone case is from the same company that makes the monogrammed clutches I see all of my favorite fashion bloggers toting around.   I had never heard of GiGi New York before, but they are now at the top of my go-to list. 

So I'm smitten and just wanted to share some of their best stuff.

The Uber Clutch in Navy, Stone

I love these neutrals and think these clutches would go with everything, but the rich colors below really make an outfit.  The photos below are of Natalie Mason of designer bags and dirty diapers, a blog I read daily.  You can really see how pretty the monogram looks on her bags.

I also love their basic lug-everything-you-own-around Olivia bag.  

And lo and behold, my latest design crush, Erin Gates, collaborated with Gigi New York to create the Gates Satchel.   Very polished, but roomy enough to hold notebooks, snacks, and all your work stuff. 

as modeled by Gates on Elements of Style

And just for fun....
the Madison Crossbody in Wine

So while I wait for my birthday or Mother's day to treat myself to one of these goodies, I'm thinking of adding my monogram to some of the bags I already own.  I'm always adding monograms to linens for clients, but I've never had it done on leather like this.  Does anyone know anything about adding a monogram or the kind of shop that would do something like this?  (I checked with the local monogram store in town, and they don't do leather.) Is there a kit I could buy to do it myself?  I would welcome any tips you have!

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