Jan 30, 2015

My Lamp Shade Obsession

Lately I've been somewhat obsessed with lampshades.   Ever since I featured this Schuyler Samperton spread and noticed her devotion to this seemingly small detail, I've been paying more attention to this accessory. A few dozen pinterest hours later, and I now want to paint/ dye/ add trim to every lampshade in my house.  These are all so pretty, and whether they're soft muted colors or more vibrant patterns, they all have major impact.

Source Unknown

Lulu Powers' desk, Lonny Mag, Dec 2010

Elizabeth Bauer, Lonny Mag

Rita Koenig (I think?)

House Beautiful

from Lonny Mag

from Peter Denham Textiles, found on pinterest

John Robshaw's home, Matchbook, June 2013

I love love love black lampshades.  I think they add so much glamour and drama to a room, and I think I need them in my bedroom.  These are all inspiring me to makeover my bedside lamps.

Oh Lauren Conrad, can you do no wrong?  Her apartment as featured in In Style

I spotted these fun shades on my last Target run - 
an easy, wallet friendly way to bring colorful pattern to a room

and the trim on these adds such  nice polish.

Decorating is all about the details, and I can't believe I've been overlooking this one for so long!

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Whitney Campeau said...

So beautiful, they really do just add that little something extra. I work as an assistant to an interior designer here in LA and she introduced me to the most amazing little shop where ALL they do is lamps and shades, and have been doing it for years. They do all of the big hotels and celebrity houses. Very cool!

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