Feb 19, 2015

Pagoda Craze

Lately I've been noticing pagodas everywhere.   I guess it's the whole trend for chinoiserie (though how do we really call something so classic a trend?), but pretty pagodas are turning up on fabrics, wallpapers, lighting - even in the Pottery Barn catalog.

While I love the look, I didn't know much about the origin of pagodas, other than that I generally associate them with pretty gardens in Asia.  So I did a little googling and learned that the real definition of a pagoda is simply a tiered tower built with multiple eaves. Historically, they were usually built for religious purposes and are often associated with the Buddhists.  They are most commonly found in Nepal, China, Japan, India, Korea, and Vietnam.  Aren't these stunning?

photos:  daigoji temple in kyoto, japan / yuyuan gardens in shanghai, china / chinatown in vancouver, british colombia / temple in kunming, china / pagoda on the lake - all images from 123rf.com

It's no wonder this striking silhouette has been applied to everything from lighting fixtures to wallpaper patterns to furniture - don't these pieces just have so much character and drama?They all kindof "make" the room.

pagoda sconces in liza pulitzer calhoun's home,  House Beautiful

pagoda lantern, New England Home

chinoiserie wallpaper, Robin Pelissier Interior Design

pagoda birdcage, Ashley Whittaker Design

pagoda wardrobe, Lonny Magazine

 babe paley's pagoda-inspired pool house in jamaica

 I love all of these pagoda-inspired pieces ~  


I think I need that lantern for our hallway - quirky, chic, fun!  I wouldn't turn down the pool house in Jamaica either : ) 

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