Feb 9, 2015

Valentines Day Decorations & Traditions

Before I had a child I never decorated for holidays like Valentines Day or Easter - let's face it, Matt and I barely got a Christmas tree up pre-Lulu.  But I have such fond memories of my Mom decorating for all of the holidays when I was a kid, of course I'm now trying to share this tradition with my little girl.  I really want to be the kind of person who relishes an excuse for a little celebration, instead of thinking of these smaller holidays as another thing for the to-do list. (ugh, what a dreadful thing to admit to about myself, but true.)

So I'm slowly building a collection of Valentines Day, Easter, and Halloween decorations, and I like the sweet, slightly more subtle, not bang-you-over-the-head-it's-Valentine's-Day decorations.  Aren't these pretty?

Valentines Day Decorations

How great is that Flamingo tea towel?!  

This Minted.com custom collage of your own photos is pretty much the perfect Valentine's gift for anyone - your best friend, your Mom, your husband.... well, ok, a man probably wouldn't get all that excited about it, but it would look great hanging in your bedroom and it's personal and romantic and all that.

I love the way this photograph of Aerin & Estee Lauder is matted in a heart and then simply framed - another way to turn a sentimental photo into a great gift.   (I snapped this pic from Aerin Lauder's book, Beauty at Home, so pretty.)

This year, I'm taking a tip from Gretchen Rubin, of The Happiness Project fame- a book that I love love love and totally recommend if you haven't already read it - 

On smaller holidays like Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc. she gives her girls a little breakfast party before they head off to school, rather than waiting to do some big over-the-top dinner when everyone's tired after a long day.  I like the idea of starting the day with something special - like serving up heart shaped pancakes, toast & eggs, or even just pink strawberry yogurt with Valentines plates and napkins.  It seems like such an easy way to start the day on a fun note!

Found these napkins for our Valentines Day breakfast at Home Goods ~ aren't they sweet?

It's only a few days away ~ do you have any Valentines Day traditions or decorations you look forward to enjoying this year?

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