Mar 13, 2015

Let's Talk About... Polka Dots

Haven't posted in an age because we have been SO sick here.  We all got some terrible virus with fevers and wracking coughs, plus throw in double ear infections and a bad case of pink eye for Lulu and you're starting to get the picture.  This winter has just really done us in!  We've finally had a little warm weather (44* woo hoo!), and I'm praying that the sub zero temps and blizzards are behind us.

This spring, I'm feeling the polka dots for both home and fashion.  I just can't get enough.  I love that this trend is so easy to mix with whatever you already have - in your home or your wardrobe.  Which means that for this decorator /mommy /budgetista, it's actually do-able.

Love dots on accent pieces like these ~

Designed by Bethany of Dwellings by Devore

Designed by Jaime Mears of Furbish Studio, as seen in Lonny Mag

And in big doses, like these wallpapers ~

Designed by Patrick Mele

Office of Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting on Martha, found on

design by Megan Morrow  - This isn't the Hinson fireworks paper - she actually stenciled these walls!!  

And while I won't be throwing out any of my 400 striped tee shirts (my official Mommy uniform, it would seem), I'll definitely be bringing in some polka dots - maybe even mixing them together. I think these are all such great looks ~

found on pinterest

Miranda Kerr per Who What Wear

found on pinterest

found on pinterest

Bring the polka dots home with these easy pieces~

pointillism fabric from - this fabric would be so great on an ottoman, seat cushions, or even for drapery

And just for fun ~ 

found on pinterest

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