Apr 2, 2015

Our Front Door Challenge

This summer, I SWEAR I'm going to get around to sprucing up our front doors!  I posted tons of inspiration photos 2 summers ago and did a whole feature for the River Journal about how to make over your front door, but I'm ashamed to admit that our doors look exactly the same as they did the day we moved in.  Plain.  White.  Invisible.  But this summer, I WILL paint and accessorize our doors so they become a welcoming focal point.  I WILL!  I WILL!

I say "doors" in the plural sense, because our house has two front doors. Or rather, it has a prominent front door that we never use (Lulu's playhouse is pushed up against it in our Living Room, so we can't open it even if we want to), and it has a less noticeable second door off to the side.

And of course, it's this less noticeable door (the recessed door over to the left) where we greet our guests.  And by greet, I mean we lean out and holler "over here!" while they stand in confusion at the other door.  So, not only do I need to pretty up our doors, I need to find a way to signal to guests to use that side door - - without leaving the front door looking all lonely and neglected.

Here's what I'm thinking of doing for both doors....

Lantern / Benjamin Moore Essex Green Paint / Wreath

I'll need to use a slightly larger lamp next to the main door, and a slightly smaller one at the side door, and this style from Sea Gull Lighting comes in two sizes that will work well.  (I'll do a post about how to find the right size exterior lighting soon.  The standard builder's lighting is usually all wrong!) And while I love my Spring wreath, I think this classic boxwood would be nice for summer and not compete with all the live flowers and plants that bloom around the house come June.    These changes will definitely help our doors stand out, but it doesn't solve the "which door should I use?" problem.

So I'm thinking I need some extra accessories for the side door that say "Here!  This is the door we use!"

I love this cheerful doormat and think its bright colors will attract attention.  And I like the idea of having the old fashioned dinner bell as a doorbell (And I would totally use it to call Matt in for dinner.)

What do you think?  Should this do the trick?  Do you have multiple entrances and have a way of steering guests to one of them?  I'd love to hear your tips!

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