Jun 25, 2015

An Ode to Purple

Matt took down Lulu's crib last weekend, and I cried.  She's been sleeping in her full size bed since January, but we let the crib linger.  I just couldn't part with that last vestige of her babyhood.   I swear, it was just a minute ago that I was posting about her nursery and propping her up on a boppy pillow for my column's photo.

It was so hard to see the crib go, but now that it's down, at least I have a little redecorating to look forward to.   I'm not totally redoing her room or anything, but I promised to make it a little more "big girl" for her.  Right now, her favorite color is purple; her favorite outfit involves a purple tutu, purple tank with hearts on it, and her purple "Frozen" necklace.  And she likes to wear this stellar combo with her purple sneakers.  So naturally, when it comes to her room, she would like to go with - what else? - purple.

I, however, am aiming for something she won't outgrow anytime soon.  Something that blends with the rest of our home.  Something a little less.....  purple.

But a good designer always takes her client's tastes seriously (even the one who loved dream catchers and his wagon wheel coffee table), so I haven't ruled purple out.  Turns out, there are plenty of ways to use it beautifully, as these sophisticated spaces all show ~

Pat Healing, as seen in "House Beautiful"

more Angie Hranowsky - she actually uses some purple in almost all of her projects and it looks divine

original source unknown ~ photo pulled from thedecorista.com

design by Tara Fingold, as seen in StyleatHome.com - pulled from Tiffany Leigh 

John Robshaw, as seen on Apartment Therapy

design by Lilly Bun, as seen in "House Beautiful"

design by Zim Loy, as seen in "House Beautiful"

original source unknown ~ pulled from stylecarrot

I just LOVE that sweet little girl's room with the cherry blossom wallpaper.
So Lulu may get her purple room after all : ) 

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